Dream About Being Part Wolf

I keep having this same dream, and id really like to know what its about. But before i start it i just want to say that i love wolves, their my favorite animal, and ive always appreciated them and love their majestic beauty.

i keep having this same dream of myself runnning, then i start running faster, and before i know it im running on all fours and i was running VERY facst, like i definatly wasnt human. Then i stopped and looked at the sky and it was night. There was a full moon right over my head and something just rippled from deep inside of me and a howl came out of my mouth and i howled again even louder and heard howling in the distance and the thought family came to my mind and i started running harder and even faster and thought i have to get home. Then i woke up.

i think i might be sad becasuse my families not the closest family around,

LoneWolfGirl14 LoneWolfGirl14
Jul 19, 2010