I Had A Crazy Dream About Being Pregnant

Before I begin my story I just want to say that I am still a virgin so there is no way that I am pregnant.

        Last night I had a dream that I was at school and was pregnant and going into labor. Everyone in the hallways were running and I had no idea why, all that I knew was that I was going to have a baby and it was all happening very quickly. It gets a little fuzzy here and all that i remember is telling someone that I needed to go to a hospital and somehow getting in a room. While I am standing in the room I look down and see that the baby is making its way out of me and the nurse tells me that it is a baby boy and that he weighed a little over 4 pounds. After I gave birth to him I couldn't think of a name for him at all and eventually I named him Creighton. During this whole thing everyone keeps asking me who the dad is and for some reason I have no idea who his father is. And that is the end of my dream.
       While I was on facebook today scrolling through my news feed I stumbled upon the Facebook page for where I work (Pizza Ranch). They had posted on their wall something about how there is a guy that is a former Pizza Ranch employee and how is currently on the show American Idol. Now i just want to say that I have not seen a episode of American Idol for a very long time, since Carrie Underwood won. I'm not a huge fan of shows like that. And when I was reading this post the name Creighton was in there. This really freaked me out. Reading that post was the very first time I had even seen the name Creighton, let alone heard about a guy named Creighton Fraker. I checked through their wall history and they haven't posted anything else about Creighton previously that I would have seen.
    I was just curious about what this dream could mean. If you have a guess please leave a comment!
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it happens, duh,