The Exboyfriend Dream

me and my ex were together for 6 years..we broke up bout 10 moths ago. his bday is tomorrow ive been thinking bout him alot lately. i had a dream the other night with him and his new girlfriend!!weird!! well i took them to see my new place(that i dont have) and we all got along great afterwwards they left and he called me hours later to tell me he missed me so much and wanted to hang out, this dream felt sooo real. so we hung out,and i woke up...does this mean anything!!
vivig25 vivig25
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2 Responses Jun 26, 2007

Do you have any feelings of a 'connection' with your ex though you aren't with the person? Like, do you feel he still thinks of you, thinks of calling you, hasn't moved on completely because he is stagnated by the relationship you two had? If so, I know it may be the weirdest, stupidest thing to do but, I think you two should be open with each other, get in touch with him and talk about how you two feel. I guarantee... It'll help your subconscious move on so you won't have the awkward dreams. I'm not gonna take my own advice because I am afraid to talk to my ex. It's not because I'm married. It's because I'm a 'coward' basically (lol).

Maybe you don't feel like you have closure with your ex. Or maybe he is just on your mind because his birthday is coming up. If it means anything I am sure you wil be able to figure it out.