Stuck In A Nightmare For A Week

My only real friend is my sister. She's the only reason I live. If anything ever happened to her, I couldn't go on. Once, I had a dream that she died, I was in the dream for a week and I had to experience every single second of it. In reality, only 9 hours had passed. It was all so real, she was dead and I wasn't waking up. Other than her death, nothing strange happened in my dream. That, and the fact that time was passing normally, led me to believe that this was really happening. I'll never forget the week I spent in Hell.

BlackHaru BlackHaru
22-25, M
1 Response Aug 5, 2010

Wow, sounds like that was one intense dream. Have you had any other time-warping ones since then?

Yes, I have. Recently, I was stuck in a dream where I had been kidnapped and held hostage. I was in a small room with a Gun to my head for around 16 hours, where my kidnapper told me all manner of details of his life. Eventually, I escaped somewhere really high up, and very dangerous to try to follow. While in my hiding spot, I was able to call the Police. When they showed up, I lead them straight to the man who held me hostage, and had him arrested. Sorry for the late reply, I've been unable to get to a computer until just recently.