I Keep a Dream Diary..

So if I read through the notes I made in my dream diary I remember the whole situation again.

A dream that has stuck with me from childhood has to do with fire. I'm in this cave with my parents and my grandparents. Do you know this things to put under teapots to keep them warm? These things in which you put a tealight? We had such a thing when I was a child, and I guess it fascinated me. Anyway, in my dream this thing was huge and I stepped into it, and burned.

Another unpleasant dream from my childhood, which I had quite a few times when I had the flu: I dreamt of being followed by loads of bugs, very big bugs, bigger than me. And I ran away, but they came from every side, and I'm on this street, and they're coming closer and closer, with their big mouth parts, until they catch me and the run over me from every side, and they all come to me. That's usually when I woke up.

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5 Responses Apr 13, 2008

I keep a dream diary aswell, but is is falling apart :(, you should read my post from my dreams! I have heart that bugs stand for something that is bothering you and you wont face it, you continue to run away and if you continue this problem will crush you.

You're welcome! :)

I was curious about the term not being used in German so I looked it up. Forgive me if it has a different meaning (because I do not know German). The word is Grippewanze. Have you heard of that word before? And by the way, congratulations to you for knowing another language. I always find it fascinating when someone knows more than one language (any language).

It's a term used when someone has the flu. It's formal definition is: A disease-producing microorganism: a flu bug. Usually people will say, "He's sick. He caught the flu bug that's been going around." It's another way of saying you have the flu. So in your dream since you had a lot of bugs around you plus you had the flu, the first thing came to mind was flu bug! :) The term can be googled on the internet for a better understanding. I find it quite neat that your subconscious mind pulled those images (bugs) without you knowing in your conscious state what the bugs meant. See our subconscious is so smart! :) I hope this helps!

You wrote you had the dream about the bugs when you had the flu, correct? Well the first thing came to mind was the ‘flu bug’. You were dreaming about catching the “(flu) bug” that could explain the load of bugs in your dream. It was an overwhelming experience for you. Perhaps your flu started out small and then got bigger and bigger. The running away could be you were trying to get rid of it and perhaps did for a short period of time but it caught back up with you.