My Dad

This is one of 4 dreams I've had that I remember; I'm willing to consider posting the others later, but not right now.

My dad passed away in July, '96; his father passed away the following April.

In the summer of 1997, I had a dream where I was in one of the residential areas of Pasadena, CA (where my dad's folks lived for almost 20 years before my granddad's demise). It was after dark, circa Midnight, and raining. I'm walking along, approaching a corner. As I get to the corner, I look up and, diagonally across the street, a figure is standing under a tree in a trench coat, wearing a fedora-style hat. I can't see a face, but something seems very familiar and I say, "Dad?"

At this point, the dream ends without a confirmation one way or the other. And, no, I've never had a repeat of this dream, nor a sequel to resolve the question.
Eadric Eadric
46-50, M
Aug 11, 2012