It Was a Giant Pot Roast!

The big greasy string wrapped thing, rolling towards me, as big as a car, while I sat poolside and drank lemonade beside the glass table.  It never got me.  I beat it by waking up a sweaty, screaming mess, right before it got me.

I also fly at least once a week.  I flap, and flap, and flap, and go higher and higher, and then lean into a glide.  Those high line wires are a ***** though, always having to dodge them.  I have always wished for a girl to fly with, as in my dreams, no one else can fly.

And then there are the driving dreams, I top a hill, and keep going up, and up, and up, and then about 300 feet off the ground, I begin to fall.  Beat that one too....

And the sharp road corner dream, where i am whipping the wheel round and round, and just cant get the car to turn sharp enough... can't remember crashing yet, though.

And then the oldest and most shameful of all, the one we have all had, where we are over the toilet, and just cant seem to get pee to come out.... and finally do, and then wake up cold and wet, wondering if anyone is going to find out..... 


sxadickt sxadickt
36-40, M
Mar 23, 2009