Conversation About The Nature Of Reality With Carl Jung

I had this dream about 20 years ago shortly after enrolling in an introductory psychology class.

I was in a canoe race and wound up on an island that looked like Disney Land. It was colorful, loud, and silly. As I walked along a path looking at all the rides and feeling a bit like Alice in Wonderland, an elderly woman danced over to me, put her arm around me and started singing. I felt giddy and wanted to play along in her silliness. Arm - in - arm, she and I sang a show tune and kicked our legs into the air like can-can dancers. That's when I noticed an elderly man out of the corner of my eye. He looked very frustrated and angry with me. He was trying to speak to me but every time he did, the elderly woman would get louder and sillier. I found her silliness appealing so I kept up with her. This made the elderly man even angrier.

Then suddenly something inside me told me this was a dream and I was about to learn something very important from the elderly man. When I finally stopped singing and dancing about, the man approached me and the lady went away. I finally heard what he said - "none of this is real." He said it again and moved his arm about, referring to our surroundings. I said "of course this isn't real! It's Disney Land!" The elderly man was still clearly frustrated, shaking his head. "No, no," he said. "None of this is real."

At this point, I was fully lucid. I asked him if he meant that I was dreaming and he shook his head again. But he seemed less frustrated - happy that I was making an effort to understand what he was trying to tell me.

We walked along the path to the shore where my canoe was sitting. I can't remember the brief conversation but it was about reality, time and life. Then I asked him, "this race isn't real either?"

"No, it isn't." He said and took a puff at a pipe he was holding.

Then it hit me. "Sir, are you trying to tell me that the race and this island are like life? Are you trying to say that life isn't real?"

He looked very relieved and said "yes."

The dream faded after that but when I saw a picture of Carl Jung, I was positive that was the elderly gentleman in my dream. I bought his biography and studied psychology in university after that experience. By far, Carl Jung's philosophies have influenced me throughout the last 20 years.

IndigoSpirit IndigoSpirit
Feb 16, 2010