Very Very Strange Dream

My dream started with me standing outside my house when i noticed hundreds of helicopters hovering in the sky dotted all around me. I then heard a very odd screeching sound and noticed there was also hundreds of strange flying creatures in  the sky that looked kinda like dragons but without wings or arms. The helicopters were shooting at the creatures. Even after seeing this i decided to carry on walking where i was going and each time a creature was killed it would fall to the ground in front of me and turn into a green mess. As i continued walking i noticed that a lot of planes were flying in circles around what i can only assume was an airport when i arrived where i was going me and other people around were being told we should all get on the buses that were waiting there and that they would take us home. I did not get on a bus and instead i stood and watched the creatures that now appeared to be fighting each other in the air and did not seem to pay any attention to the hundreds of helicopters planes and me watching. This is when i woke up but this dream has remained very vivid and is the most detailed dream i have ever had does anyone know what this could mean.


richw richw
26-30, M
Mar 3, 2010