Supermodel Estranged Wife

I got married on a whim to a very beautiful woman...  model beautiful... out of my league.  We tried to make the marriage work and even bought a house together.  A month later, she was off to work and I was too.  I stayed at the house, but she was always traveling for work.  Her work travel trips get longer and longer.  At some point she stopped coming home, ever.

Flash forward four years and I'm at a beach where some friends and I happened upon a swimsuit model shoot.  I noticed the scene first and nudged my friends that one of the models was particularly hot. 

Later at a hotel, this super hot model I saw at the beach is back in her street clothes and she approaches me.   Her first few words slap me awake as I recognise her first by voice and finally by appearance.  She tells me that she remembers me fondly.  We talk a very short time before deciding to take another shot at being together.  Heck, we never got divorced or even separated.

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2 Responses Feb 27, 2007

Yes. That was a real dream. I rarely ever remember dreams, so this one was noteworthy.

all this was a dream?