Cello Family

This fabulously pleasant dream I had was about the cello, a large string instrument found in orchestras. We had a family business with selling and specializing in the cello. We had a cute modest but elegant shop in a quiet area that I ran with some help from my mother. She was quiet elegant and reserved and she would come in the shop sometimes but I was responsible for window dressing and lessons and ordering chellos for this small business specializing in string instruments, mainly the cello. What was unique in this dream was that when I was redoing the floorplan of the shop it was small like a little dollhouse. I took great pride and enjoyed setting it up in different ways. I used cotton and some instruments to highlight them in the window much like a smaller version of a shop but doll style. In the last part of the dream my mother was in the shop and got a call from the Symphony to do a last minute concert in the Orchestra. I remember her being excited and somewhat nervous that she wouldn't be ready in time. It may not make sense but I remember practicing on her behalf and how intensely staccato the music was and practicing the notes to be very fast and crisp. I woke up refreshed and excited about playing the chello.
I may have been curious about this instrument because my boyfriend says he played the cello in elementary school and I thought it would be a fun challenge to play a string instrument since I never had before. I grew up playing the clarinet and even the oboe for a while.
I was able to experience this fascinating instrument through my dream and it was a wonderful experience!
Owleeeeease7 Owleeeeease7
36-40, F
Apr 21, 2012