A Pie

On thursday nite I had a really strange dream

I was at my friends and my friends bf was lying on the lounge someone knocked on the door and I let her in not knowing she was not a friend but an enemy and she walked around and chucked a pie in my friends face...the pie was not cream it was full of ****!.

And then I was with my son and I hired a hotel room and we were somewhere in China.
Then on the bed there was a babies head and the baby was dead and headless,It turns out the baby was my neighbours and I was looking after the baby...I felt so bad that the baby had died and then I found the babies body and it was covered in blood. I tried to use my mobile phone to call the police but couldnt get reception so then I was using some of my clothes to wrap the baby up but the baby was slippery and kept falling and sliding out of my hands.

Then the proprietor of the hotel said we had to go so my son in the dream ran down the street and I was alone.Then my neigbour came back and I walked away from her cause I didnt know how to tell her the baby was dead. Then I was walking away and had my pants on back to front and I went and found a public toilet to turn the the right way and thats when I knew the neighbour would catch up with me and I would HAVE to explain about her baby...

At that point I woke up and had to go to the loo...

Funny thing was I woke up and went back to sleep and was still in the same dream.....
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36-40, F
May 5, 2012