Dark Night And Black Dogs

I had this dream last night that keeps creeping back into my mind. It bothered me this morning and it still is. Maybe if i release it here... it will go away!
My Dream, in details...

I was driving this long highway, it was a dark night, only my headlights showed me what was around. When the beams of my headlights caught images, some were moving and other were still. I slowed down till this awful sight became visible, it looked as it went on for miles. There were all these black dogs and black puppies. I stopped in the middle of the road, my heart was beating fast and i felt sick. I stared at the sight for..it seemed a very long time in disbelief. Grown black dogs and many black puppies everywhere, some whining, some wagging their tails and ... some dead, road kill sights! I opened my door, and as soon as my feet hit the ground.... the dream ended and i woke up.

I have carried these images, feelings with me all day. I got my books out to research a possible meaning. To dream of dogs the general rule is a good omen. Symbolizes friends, of course the interpretation varies according to the action and other details but is normally straight-forward. Like.. if the dog was friendly and affectionate, it signifies pleasure and happy times. Soooo... for this dream, i have no idea! Would love to hear what you may think my dream of black dogs and puppies could mean. Hmmm? sigh
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2 Responses May 7, 2012

Sorry...nothing about the dogs, but I always dream I am driving on a winding mountain road. The road is not at all wide, barely wide enough to be a 2 way street. I am high on the mountain, there is no guardrail and my headlights go out. I press on the brakes and they fail also. I cannot see anthing and I am speeding faster and faster down this treacherous mountain road....then I awaken.

oh my...you made me have recall.. lordy... bad days back then.

For your dream... sounds like Life.... full of twist and turns, uncontrollable actions in a place that only offers a small space to move. huh...
Wonder if you make it down safe? You are the driver.

Thank you for sharing. Dreams DO have meaning most times.

A black dog can signify depression or a weight on one's shoulder.You may want to surround yourself with white light or ask your angels to take away your troubles.Holding clear quartz helps xxx

i wear around my neck at tigereye for that. i have a quartz too.. heck, i'll play it safe and wear both. but these days my friend... it is all good...great! ahhhhhhhh i am at peace and very happy.

I'm glad.Tigers eye attracts abundance too.! Hee Hee. Any quartz will give sweet dreams,especially the purple ones.