I Had A Dream Of A Ex Lover


I was in love with a man I thought love me to, I was away from this person for 10 years and I've been single for eight years and Solvent for seven years, and I dream about this person frequently, but I never stop having feelings for this person. Any way this dream was strange, because he came and knock at my window and I let him in, and he set down in the dream and was writing and telling me that he was in a common law marriage, and I said to myself okay he's been in a relationship for over seven years, then he said in the dream that he was going to separate but he was going to have to wait a year; and I said okay, so he left but I was still in the dream and he appeared again but this time to give me to pieces of paper I guess what he had written down, then I open the first one and I just glanced at it and it spelled "Com" and my thoughts in the dream said commitment and then the other paper I opened up had the word "Divorce" on it and I was very happy hugging him and he was swinging me around as if he was happy to, but one thing I noticed he was swinging me but was not embracing me and his hands was down to his side. Oh my what does it all mean.
Orlaun Orlaun
41-45, F
Nov 1, 2012