Last night I dreamed I was in an elevator with my dog & about five men. It was in a high rise corporate building and I was only going to the second floor. I stood holding my dog in my arms and waiting for the doors to open. Nobody was speaking, as is normal in elevators. Suddenly the elevator started travelling upwards at exceptional speed. The guys around me began to look terrified. We all looked at each other in confusion, then terror. What the hell was happening? We started frantically pushing buttons and yelling that the elevator was faulty. Were we were going to die? We stood there, utterly shocked and speechless as the lift seemed to travel upwards at the speed of light. The men started screaming, I was clutching my little dog and thinking this is it, we're all going to die now. Suddenly the elevator exploded through the top of this very high building, with all of us inside. It tore through the roof and catapulted high into the sky like a rocket. Needless to say, we were terrified and looked around at each other, all of us speechless as we knew this was our final moment. It all seemed to happen in slow motion. As the elevator flew through the air, we could see the street below us and people walking around the city, as normal. Suddenly I reached up and grabbed some kind of electricity wire in the sky and slowly guided us back down to the ground! Nobody died! We were all in shock as the elevator gently landed and we walked out of it stunned, but unhurt.

I believe this dream is an omen. It is telling me that my scary tests at the doctor today will be all right. I just know it.
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I hope your scary tests with the doctor went well!
Is your dog the cute dachshund in your profile pic? It's adorable!

Yes, he is the best pooch.

Aw, bless him. What is his name?
My boyfriend's brother has a dachshund, she is very hyperactive and barks a lot, but she can also be very sweet and cuddly.

I agree with you, you are very intuitive, by the way, hmmm, very impressive... That was a very wild dream, though, almost could be a scene in a movie!

It was in "Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory" and in "Charlie and The Chocolate Factory".

I have dream and its full of fantasies

I bet you do.

I do ido

I'm with you. I'm hoping those tests will be all right. What a dream!

Is your last name King ? Your fathers ?

Huh? Stephen?

I guess you never heard the dream speech of Dr Martin Luther king Jr

No.... do tell?

A great man nonviolent civil rights leader. His speech I have a dream where everyone is equal no one is judged by the color of their skin or sex. And went on.

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I think it is a sign of too many cartoons lol

Wow, that's an amazing dream!

Yes, very full on!

I have intense dreams like that sometimes... I've had dreams so scary that I would wake up in the middle of the night!


I agree.

HI flowerchild555
wow! Sounds to me like you had a panic dream and then took control Good for you. Hope the tests were ok.