Hey guys I know I didn't write you guys a story for a while but here it is yesterday when I was sleeping I dreamt that I was with Scarlett Johansson, and Jennifer Lawrence we were in a restaurant we ordered 12 burgers, 15 pizza's, 9 Sundays, and 20 fries.
When the women came back she brought the food we were so hungry that we were eating like crazy ``munch, munch, munch, bbbbbbuuuuuurrrrrrppppppp!
When we were done eating we all gained 300lbs we couldn't move after that Scarlett, Jennifer and me wanted more food and so the women gave us the same order then we gained 500lbs we were really fat after the restaurant Scarlett and Jennifer followed me to my house then Scarlett, Jennifer, me, and my sister's had a weight gain party.
It was the best dream ever I hope I have another celebrate weight gain well see you later
Lara1664 Lara1664
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Awesome dream! Would love to have one like it. :)

Wet dream huh?

this is a hot dream

You have the best dreams. Like period x)

Hungry all of a sudden.


Me too! Very hungry! :) Want to get fatter and fatter! ;)

That's one weird dream...

what do you mean?

I mean, I've just never heard of a dream like that.

you should it's awesome and sexy

The Scarlett Johansson and Jennifer Lawrence part was awesome and sexy, but for me the rest didn't seem very appealing to me.

why don't you like big chubby sexy girls

I guess I just have a different taste in girls. Nothing wrong with chubby sexy girls though.

if you saw me 200lbs walking on the side walk would you think I look sexy be truthful

Yes of course, but not because of your weight..but because you know you are beautiful and I would see it through your eyes.

spoken like a true gentlemen do you want to be friends?

Yes it is! Very sexy! Love how you 3 got so huge and fat! :)

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