I have had this dream off and on for years now. Nothing has ever happened - or even close to it in real life; but it is very disturbing to me and at the same time an indescribable turn-on that makes me BEYOND horny.

It always makes me disgusted and ashamed and have told only one person in my whole life. In short, I am having this super-erotic scorching sex with my older sister. I have two older sisters, one 6 years older and one 4 years older. I refer to them as "my good sister - the younger one and my bad sister the older" ; I am having sex with my "good sister" whom I love so much in real life. Question; what in the heck is wrong with me to have this sordid dream and sometimes daytime fantasy? It has pulled me apart for years now; I have read a little about it - but to this day, I am totally confused as to how/why this is the case. My only conclusion is; I must be one sick s.o.b.? what do you think? have you ever thought about it? does it ever bother you to any extent? appreciate hearing from someone;
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nothing wrong in it.our dream has all right of it. other rules and regulations are only for our real life, not for our dreams.

nothing wrong in it.our dream has all right of it. other rules and regulations are only for our real life, not for our dreams.

I know exactly how you feel.

there's nothing wrong with you.it just shows how much you care about your sister<br />
that's all

there's nothing wrong with you.it just shows how much you care about your sister<br />
that's all

sounds good to me! Dream on!

When we truly love someone as you do your sister, it is very difficult to express that love other than in words and sometimes that just isn't enough and we will dream of making love to that person since if you were not siblings, you would have probably dated her and perhaps made love, but since in your psyche you are revolted by that, still your body and soul manifests its love for her through the act of lovemaking. I made love to my sister as a consenting adult as was she on three different occasions and each one was a time of life transition. She is gone now, but she is the only woman that I relive our lovemaking sessions and they still get me sexually excited. It was a deep fulfilling experience. I am saying that you should do that but don't belittle yourself for your dreams or fantasy. Perhaps the taboo is what makes it so exciting to you or perhaps it is the deep love you have for your sister.

Sometimes the love for a sibling can manifest itself into these kind of lucid dreams. You should see this is a happy occurence because it shows that you love your sister beyond measure. And it is natural to want to physically attached to someone that you are emotionally attached to, it naturally happens in any type of relationship. Although, your attraction may be rooted in a different areas but the only way to work through it is to deal with it.

I had a similar sort of dream about my mother once. I never would even want to imagine having any sort of sexual act with my mum in my waking life, when I woke up from the dream I was disgusted. But all dreams are is your brain sorting through the crap of your day. So the first time you had the dream, you must've been talking to your sister, or thinking about her, not sexually, just normally. You probably had a thought of a sexual nature during the day too. Everybody does. And a sex dream about your sister was your brains way of sorting through two things at once. The fact that your stressing about the dream carrying a secret message about how you feel about your sister has made the dream stick in your mind and therefor become reacurring. If you manage to put the whole thing behind you then hopefully the dream should stop.

There are many different interpretations for this dream. This dream may mean that you have forgiven your sister for something. Had you had an argument or falling out prior to having this dream? Might also mean a spiritual need to see your sister as a whole person with both good and bad parts instead of simply the "good sister." Yet another interpretation is your own need to explore your own shadow (dark side) and integrate it into your being, hence the dream bringing together something you perceive as "good" (your sister) and "shameful" (sex in general or sex with her) together. This dream may also represent a feeling that you are a bad influence on your sister, that your sister is being tainted by someone or something or that you want some of the good traits you see in you sister for yourself. When you come across the right interpretation, you will know in your soul. Dreams are always symbolic and should not be taken at face value alone.

I have had that dream many times. Doesn't bother me. Found it exciting (as a dream).

i dream that my sister is sucking my breast

i think the dream is showing how much you love your sister in real life and is showing it in this way-i really dont know but that seems the most likely reason. I dont know.

I like strange things :-(

is nothing to worry about, we cant decide on what dream to dream about thats is why there should be bad dream and good dream, so is just a bad one

this is nthin ...don care..dis s**t happens to lots of ppl lots of times..jus ignore!!!

i had the same dream i'm trying to figure it out if i find any thing i will tell you

I don't think you're sick. Its just a dream. I had dreams like that about my uncle. I never felt guilty. We're animals dude, and a fantasy is just a fantasy.

I use to have this dreams too! I was so freaked and overwhelmed that I had to talk with a friend that is a phycologist.<br />
<br />
I discovered it has to do with the features that you see in your sister that you probably would like you lover to have. If you spend a lot of time with your sister and you have a good relationship with her (you actually really love her) you are looking for that same energy in your future partner. So don't worry it is a game of your brain. Dreams can be SO good sometimes but I don't think you want this in real life. In dreams you cab't really decide what to do or not it just happens, we only go by electrical impulses and wants. <br />
<br />
You know this wouldn't be what you really want. I mean it only feels good because in this dreams your desires are free for accomplishments. The state of mind that you are in and infinite steps of consciousness that you actually leave when you go into your Oneiric Paradise alter your logic and don't have the social boundaries. Look at it like this... that would be like flying or falling from a 12 floor and keep on walking. <br />
<br />
Your body is just trying to give you an idea by electrical impulses of the compatible chemistry that you are looking for. This doesn't mean that you want your sister or that you are in love with her. It means you should look for somebody that is compatible with you.<br />
<br />
Make a fantasy with this "new perfect person" describe her/him throughly and make notes for what you like about this person. Now you will know what you would love. What kind of sex were you having? What blew your mind? Check it on every month or week, people say if you really plan on it you will have it. Is an energy thing. So go and look for your dream girl! or boy! Good luck.

same type of thing happens to me on rare occasion. It really is disturbing. My advice: ignore it and pass it off as your mind connecting random stuff.