I have a reoccuring dream that I am having lesbian sex with my SISTER!! In all honesty this dream really unnerves me when I wake up (usually soaking wet). I have never been with a woman, but have always wanted to try it. My reservations about it are probably the same as any other persons would be...trusting the person you are with. I wonder if that is why in my dream, it is with my sister. It certainly isn't because she is attractive. And...we don't even get along! Weird. Anyone have anything remotely similar??
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Dreams normally mean nothing to the extent you're concerned with this issue.<br />
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Obviously, there are some lesbian issues here, but that doesn't mean you really wish a physical relationship with your sibling.

omg i thought i was the only one who had these dreams!!! i also do not get along with my sister yet every now and then she pops up in my dreams and i am either licking her p-ussy or she is licking mine. weird.

In this dream you see that you are intimate with your sister. This is a metaphor for knowing someone very well, NOT sex! Your sister could represent your natural sister OR a spiritual sister. It is given so you can ask Creator for wisdom in your relationship.<br />

WOW, THAT'S DEEP! I guess all I can say is that because you've never been with a woman, and you would like to, the closest one to you whether it be biologically or emotionally, is the one that stimulates you mentally. it's all relationship status. no you're not immoral, no you're not gross, it's just something you have to control... i think you should try being with a woman, not your sister ofcourse...lol then you'll be able to stop from having those dreams. i know exactly how you feel, because i want to be with a woman too, and this person, that is family, when they're around me, i feel uncomfortable around them, and it's only because i want to be with a woman and they're the closest woman in my life right now... so yeah, it's pretty annoying, but hopefully one day i can be with a woman that i have deep feelings for and that will stop those disgusting feelings. but yeah, i think that's what it could be.