I am having a LOT of naked dreams lately. Most of them are really enjoyable as I don’t have body image concerns. My dream tonight freaked me out. I was totally naked in Wrigley Field. I had body paint on my legs to simulate the old socks that the Cubs used to wear but not a stitch of clothing on. There was a tightrope stretched high above the outfield and I was dancing naked on the tightrope. I loved it a lot in the dream and all I did for the entire dream was dance and sing. This is probably the strangest dream I have ever had.
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Your a bit of a show girl at heart.

were the stands full?

Haha, that IS a strange dream! People would've seen you from the rooftops! :D

I loved your dream and the fact that you "enjoyed" it! You sound deserving of joy, excitement and adventure. Your response to it "freaking out" surprised me however. I expected you to feel very much at home experiencing the smells and sounds of Wrigley field kind of like old childhood memories of the organ playing and to see you laying in bed completely nude with your blanket pulled off and the fan blowing air across your body. Wrigley field to me representing a great number of people, everyone watching you, admiring you and each one touching you with their eyes like the wind from the fan. I think deep down you want many, many people touching you and transferring their energy to you through touch. I especially enjoy the tightrope because there you open yourself up to the world to see and you feel good about others looking inside you. You are comfortable with sharing all of yourself knowing so many people are watching, loving and cheering your performance which to you is so natural. You loved it and felt comfortable that everyone else did too.

am intrigued by your tightrope dream.<br />
<br />
I think you have a desire for adventure, for "putting it all on the line".<br />
<br />
I also think you want more adventure and reciprocity in your lovelife. To have someone (or many people) admire your body as a work of art or nature that is highly desirable and exciting to his, her or their senses (all of them). <br />
<br />
Had you had an experience shortly before the dream of catching a man or woman admiring your body in general or getting a glimpse of your breast or up your skirt?<br />
<br />
There is something thrilling about being sexually desirable to others. I think you crave that more than you get it. Here's to you getting more of what you want and need.<br />
<br />

Body Paint Socks eah...... Hmmmmmm? sock fear!!! you have mutipule pair of socks in your drawer with holes in the toe and you have a fear of removing your shoes to reveil the holes. Giggle Giggle or not!

Don't know the first thing about what it meant for you, but it sure is interesting. I love the limitlessness about our dream-states. It can be so energizing to wake from a dream like that!

Being naked almost always represents taking risk. Wrigley Field (a public place) suggests wanting attention. The tightrope (no safety net) suggests a commitment with no going back. The body paint represents a new identity. Dancing and singing represents a celebration. Someone is about to have a wedding.