my wife is dancing with another male. She rubs up against his **** as she looks at me. when they sit back down she has her hand on his ****. We all get up to dance and the other male and I dance close to her, one in front and the other behind
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Sounds like a plan!

Sounds like the beginning of a very sexy evening... Hope there are more ports to the story - after 6 years??

Sounds good to me . Can i be the other man. Please add me

Is this your dream or wish?

My interpretation of your dream: Your wife is ready to expand her horizons and looking for your approval. You are unsure how far she will go but nervous and excited to find out.

Wish you were right. Wife is far from ready and she already has my approval. :)

you seem to be of a sharing disposition!

She appears to have a great behind if that's her in the avatar.

And that is the intro to a fun night of pleasuring her. Great thoughts in a great post.

Did you ever make your dream a reality? She looks absolutely gorgeous, I can see why you have such dreams.

Not yet. Working on it.

....just take her to a club where many black guys go...we love to rub up against other men's wives and get them the time you're both in your car she'll be dripping wet....dreams do come true....just give them time!

sexy dream - bet you were disappointed to wake up.

tell more!!

Working on taking her to a club soon and getting her to grind as my birthday treat.

that does sound like a treat

The best thing is a dark lit club where there are alot of black guys....a couple of reefers and she'll be in a corner grinding with a huge guy much taller that you,you will call her and she'll look across at you as if you're a total stranger...snuggle back into his arms....when you look down and see a HUGE BULGE in the guy's pants....your wife is sweating and one of her breasts is nearly hanging out of her loose summer dress...your **** is already hard....his hands placed around the small of her back...his middle finger is longer than your **** as you see her lift her head up and look at him as if she was in love...she smiles and his bright pink tongue extends to tickle her gasping lips.......they kiss,your mouth is open and dribbling....other men are gathering around....your heart is pumping so can't see the other men stroking their groins like wolves licking their lips at fresh meat.....because that it what your wife has become in this club....she's FRESH think back to when she said she'd rather not wear any panties and saw her peel them off in the car on your way over.....and now you can see her swaying with this huge hunk of an athlete.....she looks like a litle girl....a teen-aged girl in his vunerable......other guys are circling them as the man dancing pushes them aside to protect your wife....they step forward but then you see that there are juices running down her inner thighs....the music is loud and thumping a heavy baseline......your wife begins to twist and push away....she's changed her mind and looks across at you with a pitiful expression.....tears are welling up in her eyes now as her mouth twists in horror as she screams across the crowded dancefloor......"BABY!......FOR GOD'S SAKE.....HELP ME!".....and they close in 4......6 men,drunk...stoned and horny....the man holding her slaps one and a fight breaks out with your wife in the middle as their prize.......her clothes are ripped,her hair is in a tangle...the big guy grabs her and swings her under his arm like a rag doll....her ***** splashing juices all over the other men as she squirts and pees herself in frights...screaming....your cok is so BIG and HRD now that it's impossible for you to do anything....the fight gets nearer as finally she is forced to within inches of you...breasts being squeazed,buttocks spread.....and ther in front of your very eyes.....she ****** like a RABBIT by six HUNGRY BLACK MEN....there in the darkness of that club....then the big guy pushes them all to one side and drop his pants......she looks up at you in a drunken swoon....your wife is now a CLUB ****!.....he slaps his third arm onto her back...a MAMMOTH **** that touches her shoulder blades....her nals dig into you chest as he places the tip and stretches her ***** to the limits of female capacities.....the loud squidgey noises fill your ears as she whispers to you......"Baby!.....Please!.....Let Him **** ME!" look up into the eyes of this stranger,you stammer up to him,see his dark muscular forms loom into your vision and you stammer out in a high pitched blurt in the voice of a little boy...."Please **** MY WIFE!"....the other men step back and watch the spectacle as you hold your shaking wife as she slips into an orgasmic spasm as he bashes into her guts.........she falls onto your **** and engulfs it all the way....she never does that...her soft throat widens to take all of you as you push deeper into her......she's no longer the woman with which you walked into this longer the shy coy girl that you lifted the veil from only a few years ago on that sunny day in Church before the Almighty and her family all you cupped her head and he spun her saw the huge battering ram that was showing a bulge in your ****'s tummy everytime he thrusted into her...........and you BOTH came at the same time,you in her throat and he deep inside her *****....he raised his enormous hand to give you five....and you responded with a HIGH TEN! your wife finally flopped to the floor totally USED!

Now that sounds like the WHOLE DREAM TO ME!

Interesting but to far removed from my reality. I enjoy her grinding not getting raped. That's a big difference.

Sometimes we have to accept that just a grind will get out of hand....I was just writing a fantasy....but if you risk letting her grind....then you risk getting a BIG surprise!

If not I'd keep your dreams to yourself!

I allowed my girl to grind a long time ago......I went home alone....and my dream burst like a balloon on a thorned bush!

No offense meant for my imaginative story...but as I said....caution!...some men have a power over the most inoocent of wives....and you'll lose control.

Interested in watching her grind not in rape. Too far off my fantasy.

You assume that because I wrote about the liberation of the female libido that it is's just a fantasy....just like your dream....but how would you react if your wife allowed more when it just began with a 'Grind'....that was the point of my creative written piece.......WAKE UP!

I'm wide awake. Point well taken but your piece assumes she'll act like a ****.

It's simply fictitious and visually's not YOUR's A WIFE...even if I suggested that it was her....but you know that some Cuckhold situations are light-hearted which is your dream....and others are much more explicit....sorry if I scared you on's just a story!

I get your fictitious story it just did
Not align even remotely to my fantasy. No problem though you have a very creative writing style. :)

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My wife is a passionate dancer, especially when she has a single night...By touching her men identify easily what kind of underwear she has ..or has not,,

Stroking my c....

Sounds like a plan to me.

You Love your wife, you think she is beautiful and you want her to be sexually satisfied and you are not selfish so much so that you would bring in another male to ensure her pleasure.

You've hit the nail on the head. That's what I've been wanting too!

Welcome to the team. Patience will prevail.