One of my dreams were that of my talking with my father, he passed on in 1991. The strange part was, I could not see his face nor embrace him. It was as though he was just out of reach. The wildest one is that where your falling, then wake up before you hit the ground. Some say that if you had hit the ground before you wake up you would die. I've done some research on that and theres no valid truth to that. I do know that dreams help unscramble all the things you have seen and heard in the past few days. Goes from your short term memory to your long term.
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Twice I have dreamt about a female acquaintance of mine and that her boyfriend is cheating on her.

They say dreams of loved ones are visits from them. I like that idea.

I heard the same and believe that to be true. Each time I dream of my grandma, it feels so surreal. It is like she is really with me. I was globe to her and became even closer to her when I took care of her before she passed. We played games, I baked or cooked anything she was in the mood for, just talked about anything and everything, and I would lay in bed with her and read her the Bible. I am glad I got the opportunity to do that.

your dream is telling u that something in the past is going to repeat itself. your father being in your dream is telling you to keep people around you safe.

The question is how would someone know that you die when you hit the ground in a dream when they have never experienced it themselves. Another one of those "no one survived" tales, yet everyone knows about it! XD

I have hit the ground in my dreams, and have died multiple times.... And im still alive now! Its personally in relation to stress or anxiety. Fears or imbalances in emotional matters.

Dreams are a way of our body mentally preparing us for the future and sometimes coping with our past. Usually if our mind sees something new to us; wether it be from movies or experiences, we dream about it. Its a natural method of survival built into us.

My advice for you is finding a method of closure for your fathers passing; whatever that may be for you. Then your nightmares in regards to him should fade.

I'm no psychic or dream interpreter, but I've always been interested in these kind of things. It sounds like unfinished business (especially the fact that he's faceless in the dream and you're unable to touch him) which makes sense when someone has passed away. It may be your subconscious trying to tell you that you aren't fully healed. I can imagine this had to have been hard and everyone grieves differently. I hope you find peace.

How can you do research on this if the person would already be dead you ding bat?