I had a dream where my husband, Thomas, dropped me off at a blues club - clientele mostly black. I was wearing a white lace dress and thigh highs with 4" heels.

He had me go in and wait for him...by the time he came in, I was at a table with 6 black men. I danced with each one, and as the night wore on, they were taking more and more liberties with my body - fingering me on the dance floor, kissing me, feeling my boobs.

At closing time, they locked the doors and my husband watched me **** all of them - all six from our table, plus about 10 others - without any condoms, and he knew I wasn't on the pill either.

After they've all *** inside my *****, my husband then takes his **** out and slowly enters me - telling me that it'll be a dice throw about whether or not his ***** is the ***** that will impregnate me....

...I wake up when I'm about to give birth....
Ally77 Ally77
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Hot woman !!!

Just shows how liberated you and you husband are. You know that your husband would still love you even if you had a black baby by an unknown man, so you can dream about the ultimate hotwife experience without feeling guilty. You are in a wonderful relationship devoid of the most destructive emotion; Jealousy

Sounds to me like you have a few different issues working here.<br />
<br />
1. Fantasy of having sex with your husband and others. Because you want him to be comfortable sharing you with numerous other men.<br />
<br />
2. Want to participate in a gang bang. <br />
<br />
3. Become pregnant and do not care who fathers your child as long as it happens.