I am dreaming .... that I have finally met my true "boobman" who is addicted to my breast. He cannot get enough from morning to night. Yes, he wants to constantly touch, suckle, fondle, play, pull and let me feed him all the time. I never wear a bra unless I absolutely have to and then it is a breastfeeding so he can still have them anytime.
When we are in the car, he loves to pull my nipple and show my breast so if he wants to just lean over at a stop light or pull over the road, Mama is ready!

At home, he will come behind me and start to play with my
breast and nipples. He will say lets take a nap or ask me to sit next to him.
We are in our own world full of secretly trying to induce lactation, and enjoying the bonding and closeness of eachother. We love to please eachother not just physically but emotionally and truly respect eachother. He is my lover, my baby, my best and breastfriend!

I rollover... awake.... with sadness... he I am another night alone with so much to offer.... someday... maybe...I wish and will continue this dream
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10 Responses Jul 5, 2011

sounds sweet:)

I want to be your dream man.....

Ive pmd u lil

Its me bby

that would be me. I love to hold, and sqeeze and suckle and chew on **** constantly!!! please add

Your dream is also MY dream, I'd SO LOVE to suckle your breasts in every free minute and as I'm suckling your wonderful breasts in every free minute I'm sure you'll lactate very soon so you can breastfeed me your delicious milk and I don't need any other food as you are giving me all I need, I'd be completely dependent from you as you give me all I need :) This dream is haunting me so much, I'd really LOVE to experience this for real, waking up suckling your delicious milky breasts and also suckling your delicious milky breasts before getting asleep in the night.

Still have this dream and I'd LOVE SO MUCH to suckle your breasts all the time.


hope i was near to get it true, same dream here :)

aww.. so sweet of you dear.. well all i can say is i am living this dream with my man.. :) good luck for you.

wow well its a wish dream that you wish you would find the love like a mother and child share unconditional it is not all about boobs is why you have not found him yet