I found myself at a carnival,seemingly after it had rained. The ground was wet,and there were wooden planks laid across puddles next to the rides. Two girls asked me to accompany them on a ride that spun and went upside-down. They seemed to have grey eyes,and were smiling in a friendly matter;they seemed slightly familiar,but I could not recall if I knew them. As we got onto the ride,I saw three tornadoes far off into the distance,swirling and moving. No one seemed particularly concerned,and a comment was made by someone that "They were not going to come toward the carnival". One of the girls put her arm around me,as if to comfort and assure. As the ride started to move,I awoke.
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Perhaps there is a crazy change about to happen in your life, but there will be friends to support you through it?

I think it must mean you need to be taken out by a tornado.

That's so interesting. I just had a dream last week that there was a tornado headed right for my house and nobody seemed to care. But where I come from we don't get tornados so it was really odd and I thought someone would think it was strange too. The tornado kept disappearing and coming back and then I could see that there were two more off in the distance. I woke up before they did any damage.

I used to dream about tornadoes all the time. I had this recurring dream that I look out the window and i see a big tornado coming straight for my house. i have to scramble to find a place to hide. I would always wake up before the tornado would hit. i'm not sure what it means though lol.