Every so often I dream that someone is eating my *****. I can feel his soft wet tongue slowly circling my ****. Then as he begins to suck it he begins to squeeze my nipples. Before I know what happens, I have this intense ******. What could this mean?
ChocolateAquarius69 ChocolateAquarius69
46-50, F
16 Responses Oct 21, 2013

It means that I would love to make your dream *** true :)

It means stopped by for a surprise visit. Let myself in, SURPRISE!

OMG....Definitely a girl I would luv to get to know...

It means you want it to happen !

Perhaps its a desire to be wakened softly to stay in that lazy dream world while your being slowly driven to an exquisite crescendo. such a beautiful way to be awakened. :)

i'm sure your thinking of me;)

It means you're having a wet dream silly!

You was dreaming about us!!!!! I've had those dreams too.....

Could mean your looking for me! ;) lol

It's a very common condition with women. It's called Grabby612 deprivation...Only one way to cure.

I would love to make your dream a reality, just pull my hair as you climax!

It means I am devouring you as my buffet.

It means you need to come visit me.

it means your not getting your ***** ate enough

It means you want a man to slowly lick you while you are asleep, and gradually bring you to wakefulness and ****** at the same time.

It means we were dreaming the same thing, and we need to get together and make the dream come true!