I was walking home and ran into a crush I had in high school. Young black guy named Aundre. Him and his friend Dante were heading home and decided to walk me home. We get there I invite them in and things get interesting.

I'm on my knees taking a very well endowed stud in my mouth while having is friend in my hand stroking him. Every inch going down my throat as I gag trying to take it all in, Dante making me stand up he gets his monster and slowly starts to press it between my tight wet lips. Aundre gripping my hair shoving his self deep down my throat.

Few minutes later they switch I'm sucking my juices and cream off Dante's covered shaft, and Aundre just gripping my hips and forcing every inch in me once in a while spanking me. With every thrust I moan with Dante in my mouth.

In the end they both gave me a warm mouthful of their cream, and I swallowed it like a good girl... The next morning I woke up with my panties soaked and no sign of the two black studs :(
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As hot as you look, I'm sure you can make that happen any time you want :P

That's a shame! I can help;)