I dream that my internet friend print my wifes naked pics and leav this printing in public places, for another man to use.
badbadhubby badbadhubby
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i would do that with all her details ,name ,age, address, email

Did it excite you? it would me

You need to fulfill your dream by sharing pics of your wife.

do it please friend :)

I would love to make your dream come true. Message me and I will give you the email address to send her pictures to. I will post them many places in the US and Mexico.

I did this with someone elses wife's pics.

I would to find your wife prints

Give her to us for a long video/photo session play date. Hotel suite, lights, cameras, and plenty of action with us. Raw footage sold to video producer who makes and distribute amateur made ****. Ready?

Sounds like you want your beautiful wife to expose herself to other men and show off her awesome body. It is certainly something I would be proud showing off! The question is: Would you want her to go further with other men?