A guy came home unexpectedly and caught his wife sucking another guy's huge **** on the sofa. He left the room. The lover followed him, dragged him back to the room, beat him in front of his wife till put him to sleep. Then he turned back to her and ejected all his huge loads into her mouth and *****.
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You are one twisted ****..and such a fucken turn on

I find it very interesting that I love to watch my wife sucking ***** and it is something that I facilitate for her, and she loves to lean against me while I play with her **** and she is sucking a guys **** and getting ****** by another and I found this story so arousing that my **** even enjoyed the story.

Im all for fantasies but your one twisted **** lol


Wow that is HOT!!!!

bare Hugs

Nightmare for the husband but a dream for the rest of us😀

Should have made him watch

pretty disturbing..:(