my husband takes ties we had been given as a joke gift at a party and ties me to the bed and blindfolds me. The rules he says are if you speak or pull loose from the ties and the game is over. I am naked, tied spread eagle and blindfolded on our bed. I hear his footsteps leave the bedroom, from the kitchen I hear his voice. What he ties me up and goes and talks on the phone? Not like him to be a jerk. Footsteps enter the room, somehow different than those that left. He would never let anyone see me like this, must be my imagination. I feel a weight on the end of the bed. A noise to my left? Are there two people in the room? I have to ask or pull the blindfold. But don't want the game to end. It can't be anyone but him, he would never. Light touch between my legs, soft wet tongue hitting the right spots not like he ever had before. Again a noise to my left. I need to know I start to pull my right hand, but the pleasure builds and I stop. The tongue is accomplishing its goal as I build toward climax. It stops I want to scream, don't stop. I feel the weight leave the bed and return. Now his manhood presses against my opening, yes I need this, it feels so big so thick, not familiar at all. It plunges in me and strokes faster and faster until I explode then withdraws. I lay spent as the footsteps again leave the room, again talking from the kitchen, but now satisfied completely I don't care. Footsteps enter my ties removed one by one then my blindfold. My husband kisses me and smiles, I don't even ask.
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very hot story

Better not to know anyway, I think!


Love it

ask secretly all around your friends..and you will see most woman have this fantasy.. being taken by a stranger and they dont want to know about him.. I am happy to see your husband supporting you at least n your dreams :)

It was great. Never told me who it was, never wanted to know. May try this one again

Very hot dream! I have dreams like that but in my dreams I'm the one tied up.

I am in love

Definitely interesting, but I was left hanging. What did this lead to?

Hot story.

I think this dream wants reality. I'm in.

Sounds very like a wish to me

enjoy it

Interesting dream, nicely written