Dreamt that I was in a cinema dressed in a low cut tank top and a miniskirt, sitting at the at back of the cinema. Then once the movie started, 3 guys appeared around me and sat next to me. All of them started to touch my boobs and my *****. They told me to take off my bra and underwear and proceeded to **** me infront of everyone. Calling me names like: dirty slutty *****, you love it don't you? You're such a ****. Beg for my ***, beg for me to fill your nasty ***** hole. Then they filled my ***** with their *** leaving me throughly ****** with *** dripping out of my ***** for everyone in the cinema to see. Got so horny when I woke up! Maybe one day I'll dress in slutty clothing and sit at the back of the cinema. Ok super horny now, tell me your thoughts about my dream, the nastier/dirtier the better (:
notsoinnocentteenager notsoinnocentteenager
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4 Responses Dec 16, 2014

Let's go to the movies.

I would have loved to been there!!!! Feeling your nice *******, fingering your hot juicy ***** while you jacked me off...........then sliding my throbbing hard **** deep inside your dripping wet ***** and filling your belly with my hot ***!!!!!!!

i wanna make this a reality baby ;)

That's quite the dream hope you are careful if you try to live it out :D