wife gets another man to make love to her, several men make passionate sex with wife while I watch she enjoyes large ***** in every hole
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11 Responses Dec 30, 2014

I would be willing to help in that scenario. Your wife is pretty hot. Just wished I lived near u.

good dream wish I lived in Ky...

I'd love to help, not close to KY unfortunately

I wish I have husband like you

I wish you had a husband like him too. I would love to help you with your fantasies.

Nice dream, I have the same one!!!

Tell her your dream and see how she reacts - might be fun for you both!

I'd love my wife to do that

how would you know who is good for both of you to fulfill ur fantasy

This is my dream too

I've had this dream many many times

a dream many husbands have and some of us live the dream. being allowed to watch as the wife has fun with many men

One of the most arousing dreams that a husband could have! He has obviously thought about it. Fantasised about it. There's the potential for oral bi-sexuality and, perhaps, cuckolding. Both probably appeal to the husband. And why not?!