I met a girl yesterday, and really liked her.
In my dream she had sent me off to get a movie to watch together, as i was in the DVD shop to pick a movie, i found myself in one:
I was a little boy living in an island which was ruled by the Roman Empire, and has run out of supplies, yet Romans did not allow us to leave. The elders of the Island made an escape plan and at that moment, an old soldier came up and told us to stand and fight the Romans. Not many people paid any attention on his idea, they were so sure of their plan. I wanted to stay and fight, i believed in the soldier, but there was this little girl I loved, leaving the island with her family, so I followed her. At the final phase of our escape, we were caught by a Roman legion and slaughtered brutally.
(Back to DVD shop) as i was telling her about the plot on the phone, she interrupts me and says... "don't tell me the whole thing, just purchase it if it's ok for you."
yunusoztorun yunusoztorun
26-30, M
Aug 22, 2015