I dreamt I was having a stroke. It felt so real that I was shaken into lucidity - yet because of the fight/flight/freeze mechanism and the adrenaline I didn't become aware I was dreaming. I was straddling some strange grey area where my thoughts were very lucid, but I was not in control of the dream - quasi lucid.
I very consciously was deciding what the best course of action would be to take. I walked over to the phone as fast as I could and decided to call a family member instead of an ambulance - as it was progressing very quickly. My vision had already started softening at the edges and was turning dark as I was starting to pass out. I lifted my left hand and grabbed the receiver. As I lifted my right hand to dial I noticed it wasn't lifting as high as I thought it should based on the countless other times I've lifted my arm. I couldn't reach the numbers on the phone. Next thing I know my left arm started lowering slowly. Despite my attempts at lifting them, they continued to slowly slump toward the ground. I was legitimately worried since I didn't realize it was a dream. But at the same time I was having very lucid thoughts that one may have when they're experiencing their own mortality first-hand. I fell to the ground as my vision pulled itself into a pinhole in front of me. I started hallucinating colours and shapes that weren't in the room, they were flashing before my eyes. I couldn't recognize what they were. My vision of the scene I was in was fading away and these new colours were growing in intensity. I dont know where the shift happened but all of a sudden, as I was passing out/dying from this stroke, I was staring at one of my pillows in a dimly lit room. I was already sitting up and awake in bed.
This was a strange experience. I was 100% certain I was dying, and upon my death I woke up into the waking reality. Makes me wonder what I'll see when I wake up from this dream.
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Sep 11, 2015