I dreamt the other night that my ears were clogged with purple Passion flowers.
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I had a dream I was going to marry some guy.. so I wrote and told him on fb and he blocked me.. true story :)

Holy ****. That is intense!!

lol yah... now I know better than to tell people my dreams of them.. lol :D ah well smh *rolls eyes*

******* ******* probably didn't understand that you weren't proposing.

I wasn't... I just had actually dreamt that... but I was married at the time so it's good anyway (that he blocked me) :) *shrugs* I wasn't proposing at all, in fact I was puzzled as to why I would even dream about him because I hadn't been thinking about him at all, much less been speaking to him? but my dreams have an eerie habit of coming true years after I have dreamt them... for real

It kills you inside a little bit doesn't it?

actual no... because as I said he was the furthest thing from my mind in the first place (I ditched him a decade ago because I seriously thought he was genuinely gay... still do to this day (wonder if he is gay) though he said he wasn't (I did actually straight up tell him I had thought that) idk... always thought he'd make great babies though... :) and we used to have the same ideals in life (to be religious jews) so *shrugs*

This made me laugh really loud in an inappropriate manner ...

lol that's great :D ^5 but guess what? you were only slightly off, I did just break up with a dude who in one pic looked like that dude that I was dreaming about.. weird... but I'm ok now.. but more to the point I'm still married and need to forget ALL that bs O.o ugh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! old habits die hard though :D haha

Hahaaaaa omg !!! You are a hot mess .

Ugh ... I needed that

I know.. I know :D hahahah I like to think that I have cooled down though :D lol

you're welcome.. and thank you (I needed to vent about that) btw I love purple passion flowers myself.. though my friend and her mother referred to their vines as weeds... it'a all a matter of perspective and value I guess... I like em


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