I'm asleep but I feel awake (very close to what people describe as sleep paralysis) I can see my living room and in a quick flash I'm going down the hall into my bedroom where I see my 3 year old stepson sleeping. He is mocha skin colored and has very dark black curly hair and brown eyes.. but in the dream he looks albino with white blonde curly hair and very pale ice blue eyes.. and super white skin. He opens his eyes and stares at me and I can feel another presence in the room that frightens me. Right as I turn to see this shadowy presence about to grab me I wake up. My chest is on fire and I feel like I wasn't breathing before I woke up and my body is tense and aches like I've run a marathon. Never had a dream that made me feel that way.. was very short and very scary. Also very confusing..
FallenShiny FallenShiny
31-35, F
Nov 11, 2015