I was told my mom was pregnant acouple weeks ago and I just had a dream that was so odd. I was walking down a avenue and I seen a man, noted him, and kept walking. Then the dream cut and I was in a Spanish neighborhood, like urban, and I walked from there to my old bus stop, which is a pretty ghetto place, and I seen the same man. I saw him, I nodded and he stopped and said what up and kept walking. Then this little midget grown man with a cigar in his mouth who was obviously drunk and high walked by and put his arm around me n said, "YOU SEE DAT MAN RIGHT THERE? HE DA FATHER OF YA BASTARD." And I said "oh really what's my moms name." And he answered. Then I was at a birth control clinic with my friends trynna figure out his name, and I got aggravated cuz no one was telling me. Then I woke up.
daddylonglegs77 daddylonglegs77
16-17, M
Nov 18, 2015