I was going out with Justin Bieber and had an affair with his dad. It was weird but the whole dream was focused on only Justin. So, it started out with him and I having dinner then we went to my place and that's when things became more intimate. He was lying down on the bed, naked and I think I was giving him a BJ, but it felt gross so I kept on spitting it all off. Not to mention, his wiener was really really small. I kept on licking it though because I wanted to please him. Then, he asked me to stop because he knew I was forcing myself.

Afterwards, we had a serious talk about our relationship. He knew I didn't truly love him and I knew he didn't love me either. He mentioned about his dad and I told him I didn't love his dad romantically, it was all platonic.

Then, we started making out and that's it. He didn't do anything to me but I was taking charge instead. The scenery changed, we were in the middle of a bus. Yes, we were still going out despite knowing we didn't love each other which was weird but hey it's a dream. So, we were standing there at the centre, and I was giving him a HJ. I think the others noticed but they pretended not to. Justin liked it, the weird thing was we orgasmed together.

That was it. It's not my first time experiencing such dreams but this one was so vivid, it felt so real..I didn't hate it but it's just weird because in reality I don't find Justin Bieber attractive at all, but after having this dream, it's starting to make me see him in a slightly different light.
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Nov 25, 2015