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What a coincidence! There was a young lass using a handle "sunrisesunset' similar to yours. She posed a question "guess the reason for my name" and maybe I would have answered inappropriately!

Instead of this, as you are a mature women I can tell you about my wet dream too :)
Wife, daughter and I were back at our old bungalow in a wooded area and as our daughter was leaving I noticed a new stream was running alongside the bungalow. The property then started to rotate slowly with a howling noises as it does so (I was sleeping through violent winds at the time)
It took off and I new we were flying along the South coast of England but I could not identify where we were. Saw white cliffs, an airfield with very clear markings and a series of water filled gravel pits.
"Tanglewood" landed in the middle of one of these and the place was now an empty shell. We struggled through the mud and was worried if the bungalow would soon be submerged and hidden. It was urgent to mark the position of "Tanglewood" as we would need to make an insurance claim.
Waved down a passing tractor with huge trailer.
"Don't you recognise us" said the driver and partner.
"We are members of the Gliding Club" just a short distance away.
Obviously they helped us sort out the immediate problems.
The next issue was how to make a claim and we barely recalled the name of our house insurers let alone the policy number! With no credit card how would we pay for temporary accommodation and food?

When I woke up was the dream an insight as to what it must be to become a refugee?

Jerryattic Jerryattic
51-55, M
Dec 6, 2015