Strange Stuff Happening
This was one weird dream although not a bad one. I was driving to work at the Noxell plant when a cartoon cop who was really a grey tabby cat dressed as a cop stopped me in the middle of the road and told him to follow him in his car. So i followed the cartoon feline cop to a police station ,where i was told to put on a cat's head mask and do the Irish jig in front of the cop and his friends. A sexy female feline cop arrived in really tight jeans and a police uniform shirt tied at the tummy
"Hey there,handsome, don't just stand there.Come over and dance with me", the female cop urged, smiling flirtatiously.
"Well,okay,ma'am, a few dances should be okay,"I replied. So i danced with the female cat cop and you know what? I really enjoyed myself.
" Let's dance some more, handsome boy', the female cat cop urged as she gently took my thin hand in her furry striped grey and black paw. While still wearing the cat's head mask with the eye holes, I performed the Irish jig a second time for the female cat cop as well as quite a few of the other creatures now assembled at the local cop shop.
"Wow,Bravo! Bravo Groovy," cheered a large male lion cop with a huge mane of tawny brown hair, applauding rather more loudly than was necessary as i did the Irish jig for him as well
RedEyesBlackDragon RedEyesBlackDragon
51-55, M
Dec 11, 2015