I was a member of a theater company and they had this party with a big slide inside the theater. The slide was made of grass and I went down it several times, having loads of fun. They turned the slide to ice unexpectedly and everyone but me went down again, then they told everyone that we had future stories they needed to show us. We all saw these movies about our futures on personal television sets. I didn't watch mine, I watched my friends with her (I don't know who she was in real life). She was an Asian immigrant and she was pregnant. Someone had tricked her (in her future story) and led her husband away and drugged her and put her in a barn where they performed a c-section on her and stole her baby. She looked down and saw her still swollen stomach had a c-section wound on it and we started looking for her baby. I looked everywhere, as hard as I could. We found this barn and there was a fat, unkempt man inside and I threatened him. A kitten walked into the barn and he tried to pass that off as her baby who he said "probably just wandered off". I said, "Last time I checked, humans can't give birth to cats!" My friend had disappeared to look somewhere else at this point, and back in the theater some people were getting awards for finding their future prize so fast. I was jealous. My friend was in the corner weeping and I felt so sad for her. She had a baby doll clutched to her chest and she was wearing all black. I decided to leave and she followed me. I walked over to the slides and they were plastic and red now. I said, "I'm going down this slide and I'm going to leave." She was angry and she hit me with her doll. I got on the slide and she got on the slide next to me. We were going down the slide, fighting and I grabbed her arm to give her a push forward so she would slide ahead of me and stop fighting with me, and then the slide ended abruptly to a cliff hanger and I grabbed onto the railing right before I fell off, but the motion I had given my friend with the push propelled her forward and she flew off the slide, down two stories, hit a fence and then smacked her head on the concrete and blood pooled under her head. She was dead. I stared in disbelief. I started to sob, people came and looked up at me from far below. Her husband came and sat next to me on the slide and handed me a pair of mis-shapened, round, gold rimmed eye glasses. I thanked him while still sobbing and tried to bend them into place to fit my face. I got them straightened out and he slammed a heavy book on top of the glasses, crushing them in my hands, and he just stared at me. I apologized, crying and crying. "I'm so sorry I'm so sorry... It was an accident I'm so sorry..."
meredithpunk meredithpunk
26-30, F
Dec 23, 2015