I've had a dream that I'm with another man who is not my fiance on more than one occasion but I don't see the man's face who is in my dreams. Should that mean anything?
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I would say that your dream means that your current fiance is NOT the (real) man of your dreams - so to speak. In other words, you're probably settling, perhaps thinking that "this man is probably the best I'm going to get - so I may as well marry him & try to build a life". The fact that you've had this dream more than once underscores this. Your subconscious mind is trying to tell you that your true soul mate is still out there - and therefore not to settle.
I can speak from personal experience here - as that is EXACTLY what I did when I first got married. I figured it was time, she was the best I'd had to that point, and while I was fearful about getting married, I simply resolved to do so. (I was living in Finland at the time, and when I decided to return to the U.S., my mouth erupted into a massive cold sore when I took the boat ride from FInland to Sweden. I had never had such a huge sore - it looked like roof shingle on my face!. Little did I know that my body was flashing me a HUGE warning, but I was so ignorant back then. We were close enough, and I figured that I loved her and all that - but - it wasn't long before the marriage became difficult in a number of areas, especially our sex life. We stayed together 11 years, and had 3 kids, and I stayed that long primarily because of them. For a long time my greatest fantasy was to make love to someone who really wanted to make love to me (my wife treated it more as a duty than anything else, and usually would quickly exit the bed afterwards and wash herself). She became highly critical of me over time - was never happy, and the BEST I could ever get in the way of response from her was the absence of complaints.
When my divorce was finalized, I felt like I had gotten out of prison. It took me a few years of recovery, but my present wife (of now 15 years) has been wonderful. I now know that I never loved my first wife at all! I could not wait to get married. She is absolutely wonderful, and our sex life has always been great! If you have been asking yourself (or your friends) if they think you love him or should marry him - or if you even love him - the answer is - you do not. When you truly love someone - you KNOW IT. Please learn from my experience!!

I don't think dreams mean much, so no