I had a dream and to this day STILL have a dream of having the most wonderful surgery ever, becoming a woman has been a lifelong dream and some day I will make it come true and I want to have the best of every surgery that is available so no one could ever tell I was not born female, I want of course, I think the most important part of all having my penis removed and turned into a vagina and every other part to make me as close to being a natural woman as humanly possible, I have been dreaming of being a woman since I was around 5 years old, so I know it is the right decision for me and definitely the right choice for me, since I have been dreaming and thinking about it for so long, I have the panties ,pantyhose, dresses, pumps, all I need is the body to match my womanly wardrobe, it just feels so comfortable and so very right when I wear my womanly wardrobe, I know and feel that I am a woman and just want myself to be out of this manly body and be free.
wtbwoman wtbwoman
46-50, T
Mar 16, 2016