It's not my experience, but we need help figuring it out...
My mom took a shower on Saturday and when she turned, her sliding door was fogged but there was a sign of the cross put on there from the inside. We went to Church Sunday, she thought it was because we missed last Sunday, and then it happened again yesterday morning. It was a big cross both times. Then when she slept last night she had a dream that the world burned. There was few people there and they looked lost and it looked deserted. she got off a bus and a lady came to her and said "Happy Easter." my mom looked at her weird and she said it again and my mom said "happy Easter but its already over." the lady asked for candy. My mom took out a lollipop and unwrapped it and gave the lollipop to her but saw raisons in it and my mom said 'that's for me" and ate it. The lady said that's good, eat healthy. a of a sudden my mom was holding on to a blue and white bike. the lady told her to go and not to worry. My mom said "but I always worry" the lady said "God said don't worry just go!" So my mom left, but was still worried.
So what does this mean? She thinks it means the world is going t end sooner than we think.
Hatarl Hatarl
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1 Response Mar 31, 2016

You might want to check out some of the prophecy websites. Although there is a lot of strange stuff there, a common theme seems to be just what you wrote - that Jesus is going to come back soon, and MOST will be caught completely unprepared...