28th Day 2nd Month-daily Ritual To A Healthy And Happy Life.

My alarm clock rings at 7 am.Today is an important day.We are going to buy good food for the Thai Monks.We are offering to pay their rental of their dwelling place for a month.The ceremony prayers before starting of meal and accepting the offerings of food and money lasted 15 minutes.After the monks have eaten they prayed again for 5 minutes.Everyone in the temple prayed along and we ate the balance after they have finished.Today Philip's sons got their new motorbikes We gave them the initial deposits as their birthday presents.We also witness the blessing prayers on their bikes by the monk.After that we went shopping and i was amazed that there were so much changes outside.I have not been out for a long time.I will be going out more often as i have a fantastic wheelchair.I could wheel myself easily.
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And may even greater peace and joy come your way.

Thanks dear Glenara.You are always so sweet to drop by and give words of encouragement.Have a blessed day.