My Fantasy Come True

We made our way to the bedroom. As I stood next the bed awaiting instructions, he walked by me and patted my sore bottom that he had just punished only moments before. I was clad only in my pretty pink thong. My fantasy was to be bound and blindfolded and at His mercy for His pleasure. He fixed the rope and bound my wrists above my head. He is very skilled with rope. Then he blindfolded me. I could not see anything. He brought me to the bed and lay me down and then tied my hands to the bed. Only my legs were free. I mentioned that I wanted to try the flogger. Not light strokes but not hard either. Just enough! He knows what I can handle. He is very good at reading me. He examined me all over from head to toe. He would touch me and then pull back. I could feel the absence of his touch and yearned to have it back. I never knew where he was going to touch or how. It was so intense and erotic. He took some suction cups and applied them with pressure to my breasts. It hurt but it was so HOT. I whimpered under the pressure and sank down into the bed. He spread my legs and let his hand roam freely. Then he used the flogger and flogged my breasts and nether region and tummy. All over actually! A few times he just hit the air above me and it terrified me because I could hear it whipping through the air and the force of it though he never let it touch me, I could feel the air part above me. I started anticipating his next touch. It was a little scary being completely restrained and at his mercy but it was so erotic at the same time. I have grown to trust that he will not hurt me. He removed my panties and took the end of the flogger and inserted it. It was so cold, but so arousing at the same time. He moved it in and out of me in a steady motion bringing me to climax. He used toys also. He spanked my vagina with various intensities of a stroke. Some hard, some not and some made me cry out. He used what I think was a spoon or maybe something else, I am not sure. I was blindfolded, remember? He spanked my inner thighs as well as my naughty bits. I love for him to spank me there. Then without warning he became gentle and the touch was soft and then out of the blue a very hard one which made me cry out. “Some things I do to cause you pleasure and then there are some I do simply because I want to,” Are the words he uttered to me after the stinging blow. He used the toys to penetrate me, and again, sometimes hard, sometimes gentle, but it was so wonderful. I heard him getting undressed. He had told me that he might tease me with his member but that he would not penetrate me due to my vow to myself. It is a vow that is very important to me and he has promised not to let me break it unless we have a long discussion about it first to make sure it is what I want. My vow is no penetration. He got on top of me and kissed me gently. He removed the cups from my nipples and then kissed and sucked upon them. I could feel him between my legs, and in the moment I wanted it so bad. He rubbed it against me all over that area and as it got more intense I was close to climax. I started pushing against him without even knowing. That was when he pulled back and told me "it doesn't matter how hard you try, there will be no penetration.” After a while I realized that I was getting nowhere as promised so I stopped trying to push against him and just let him explore as he moved down my body. He moved to the next stage of the fantasy. It was more like facing my fears instead of a fantasy but he helped me with this. I had been hurt before by a man with rough anal sex. I had told him that something as small as a finger would be okay, and actually was exciting but nothing more than that. He had a very small but plug (which I didn’t know at the time that was what he was using) which he lubed up and slowly inserted it. I squirmed and whimpered but he was very gentle. As it was going in I could feel my muscles contracting and adjusting so that I could accommodate it. He commented that with some training that I would be ready to take a full member. This thought is scare but I am willing to submit to his training should he wish. The process had to go slow as to train the muscles to relax and he gauged my reactions and responses and found that I was rather enjoying it. As our time together ended he untied me and dimmed the lights to take off the blindfold. We dressed and then had to say our good bye's. This night was amazing and I so want to do it again. He had planned to do more but sadly we didn't have time. I look forward to many more experiences and eager to learn all he has to teach me.
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1 Response Mar 7, 2010

Very nice My girl. You did very well and I expect this fantasy will continue... As far as the training goes I am sure you will receive training on many things as our time progresses. Until next time