Mice In My House!!!

ok.. so I left for college in oct. 2009.. Packed up my clothes and stuff locked my house up and moved to the apartments at college.

Just now moved back home, super excited to finally be back in my own house and  be able to sleep in my own bed, I brought in my stuff set up my laptop and started surfing the net.. Next thing I know there's a noise in the kitchen.. There's a little mouse running behind the cabinet.. So I got the traps out and drug my boyfriend over to help me set them up ( They snap my fingers every damn time ) AHA take that mouse!! a few hours later we caught the mouse with the trap YAY!! But there was still another mouse running around a FAT F*CKER!!! that's either just super fat or that might pop more mice soon!!! AAAHHHHH so I opened up the cabinets and sure enough there was mouse droppings EVERYWHERE!! under the sink.. even in the broiler pan of the stove =/

extremely scared.. I consulted the power of the google and came up with a new plan... Now to air this place out and disinfect the entire place.... good thing school doesn't start for another month yet lol


well I almost got my house back to normal after I caught 30 over mice!!! These lil things are evil! and I found the little ones were pretty easy to catch.

What I did was  one room at a time moved everything that I could possibly move like the fridge, stove, tables, chairs, couches, beds etc. and set up the traps, I tried everything the snap traps, the easy set traps, glue boards plus some homemade traps I didnt realize would work until used haha. Like a all empty trashcan set right below the places they would climb up and down onto the countertops and the cabinets, yes these lil ******* climbed UP ON TOP OF MY CABINETS!! that are 8ft off the ground! I also tried this peppermint thing out and it flopped horribly but it was pretty funny.

I had a bag of peppermint candies, setting on my kitchen counter and the lil things ate a hole in the bag and started eatng the peppermint candies! So i used it as a live trap. Here's the total

Tall garbage can: 10
peppermint candy bag: 5
snap traps: 20 +
glue boards: 0
easy set traps: 0
by hand: 3

yes I caught a few of the bastards by hand. with 2 pairs of cotton gloves and a pair of rubber gloves on top of that because they bite and hard! One punched a hole through all layers of gloves and hit my hand, but luckily it didn't break skin it just left a nice painful indend in my finger. I finally mastered a way of setting snap traps too. sad because I was ready to declare my house mouse free as I started typing this and realized one running across the floor.... damnit
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If you still have your mouse problem...I've found those ultrasonic mouse repellers are pretty effective

I love languages. I love mice too, but not in my home!

anti3tastic, you are my linguistic hero! :'-))