I Got Kicked Out...

I was kicked outta my house by my wife. I walked outside to tell her that the front door was unlocked and she came in from the back and locked it behind me.

I had no coat..this is Oregon..its always cold at night. I fell down on my knees in front of a church and prayed for guidance and help, I repented my sins and begged God to help me.. I felt that he was telling me to go fix things with my wife and when I got here the door was locked. She said it was too bad, that I would just have to find a place to stay... I have no car. The closest place to stay is an overpass covered in bird droppings near my house... I very much considered it.

I called a mutual friend and asked her to help, to invite my wife over to her place for the night for a smoke out and to cool off.. My wife then text's me and says the house is mine and that she's gone and that I won't see her again until she's coming to get her stuff.

Sadly this has happened many many many times. I cry and beg her to be nice but that only infuriates her more. When she sees weakness she attacks it and I gave her many openings. This just happened. I'm currently in tears. I hope this isn't the end... but neither of us see how to change this cycle...

I even told her "you've been nice to me for a week so far.." and she said "yeah, you think I didn't want to yell at you? it took everything in me not to scream at you"
I asked what I can do to help, how can we find a peaceful solution, and that I wanted her happiness above all else. She called me a liar for each one of those statements even though I was obviously being honest due to the buckets of tears running down my face.

I don't think this is a working relationship. But after 7 years it seems so sad to throw it all away..
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1 Response Jul 13, 2010

I think it might be time to move on. You certainly don't seem happy and as much as the 7 years seem like a waste, you don't want the rest of your life to be a waste too.