Not With Brad ...

But with my husband, a nasty verbal one. Oh! you should have heard him, he is such an actor. If I didn't know better I would condemn myself to death. It was hard to keep quite.

He is really good at this, he brings me down to a level that I am the worst person in the world, then he says he loves me and gives me time to apologize!! I know his game and it's really hard to play along.

I sometimes burst out and laugh, he really believes all the crap he says. Today I confronted him and pointed out the truth, which shocked him.

Poor man, he had lost his ground. I don't know why I didn't play along and apologize like a guilty regretful wife.

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11 Responses Mar 10, 2009

Yes, it is, and I apologised later!?!?

And I think that's how all the wars start.

Being right all the time is not just restricted to ur husband, I fear that's an issue with most men.

I guess he is a male chauvinist, but its more about trying to justify himself. It's very important to him to be right all the time.

Is this a cultural thing ? His<br />
<br />
or as result of being in the country?<br />
<br />
Was he like this when you were in the States?<br />
<br />
My marriage took a dive when we were in Japan...a country where men are dominant....he chose to accept the cultural differences.

He is really polite through the fight, I sometimes curse, but he crashes me politely!

If u were a muslim, which with the way things r going u might soon be, your husband would give u a good thrashing.

love and hugs

many hugs*

Thank you angel, I learn a lot from you, though you are much younger than me.

i guess we all have to face something or someone.u are a great person!