Super Dyke

so one day i was at my friends house and she, her g/f, and i had dinner. it was so fun. we had a great time--then i walk out of the house--a place i hadnt told my parents i was going [they dont like other lesbians] [dumb] and there, i had a flat tire. and well, i had no idea how in the WORLD to change a tire- but my friends g/f was like "oh yeah no problem i can do that in like 10 min." it was pretty funny. the two femme women just sat back and cheered on for our super dyke hero.
Kalboy Kalboy
18-21, F
1 Response Nov 7, 2006

i know what you mean cause my family hates othergays and they have this habbit of doing thing that is wierd to me and saing wierd things to me but i know better if i can find me an hereo i would be alot happier.