Losing My Foodgasm Virginity

My best friend is a young woman who enjoys the restaurant and eating moments more than anyone I ever met. Since we became acquainted, she has invited me to join her on many experiences that I never had before, such as eating raw things, and tasting food from all over the world. One time I was especially nervous, because her mother was joining us for dinner as well, and she is a very distinguished and well-mannered lady, and it was very intimidating to think I could embarass them both. What I did to calm down was to text a friend and ask him how I should dress for the occasion, and what kind of food they were going to serve at a Polish restaurant. In the end everything was fine, and we shared one of the best dinners of my life where yes, I had a foodgasm.
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7 Responses Jul 16, 2010

I was born with chronic worrying tendencies unfortunately.

I don't believe you mean it though....Look me straight in the eye and say that! 8-) Don't worry, be happy!

So it was you all along! I would be very upset but now I cannot complain it's too early anymore :(

Things got better when I decided to play some music rather loud at around 6ish! 8-)

It is good to see you too! I had planned to stay in bed until late but it was impossible with someone at the house playing loud music since six. All well with you?

Foodgasms in public? Sounds like maybe you are lactose intolerant? Regardless, it's good to see you, hear you, and/or smell you (The gastric thing) 8-) again Mr English!

We should do it more often, if you are not too embarrassed to be seen with me.